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In May 2018, a memorable Mayday "LiFE WORLD TOUR" live performance was held in Japan, as part of a world tour that has drawn a crowd of 4.4 million people.
After a great success for the 3rd time performing at Nippon Budokan, Mayday has big news to share for Japan.

On April 6th (Saturday) and 7th (Sunday) 2019,
Mayday will hold the first arena concert in Osaka.
Mayday 2019 Just Rock It!!! “藍 | BLUE“ at Osaka-jo Hall!

At a time when cherry blossoms are at full bloom and Osaka is dyed in sakura pink, Mayday will repaint the city with the band's signature color of "BLUE"!
The color "BLUE" that is chosen as the live tour title is also the main visual color for first 3 consecutive albums since Mayday's debut, which carries the meaning of "back to the original aspiration"
In 2019, as Mayday declared to move at a slower pace, a whole new performance that has never been seen -「2019 Just Rock It!!! “藍 | BLUE“」 will begin here in Osaka Japan!
In the spirit of "Back to the Origin", Mayday members are gathering the energy to prepare for the brand new creations for Osaka! This is a live performance you do not want to miss!
Fans from Japan and all over the world are all looking forward to this great event!

Comments from Members


    In 2019 as Mayday enters the next stage, our activities will be moving at a slower pace.
    I look forward to singing, and getting inspirations under the cherry blossoms in Osaka in April.

  • ASHINVo.

    After experiencing a 2-year long tour once again, it is time again for me to reorganize myself and my thoughts.
    In April under the cherry blossom shower, let us relax and go back to the original aspirations, and gather the energy for the new creations.

  • STONEGt.

    Let's paint some Mayday BLUE during the Cherry Blossom season in April, and add some colors to the break.

  • MASABa.

    "Just Rock It!!!"is a like a gathering party with friends and family.
    After a picnic under the cherry blossom trees, please come join us to sing and enjoy a great time together.

  • MINGDr.

    Before Mayday begin to slow down, if you see me walking under the cherry blossoms, please come by to say hi.

Show Details

Mayday 2019 Just Rock It!!! “藍 | BLUE”


Saturday, April 6th 2019
Sunday, April 7th 2019




6th:Doors 4:30pm / Start 5:30pm
7th:Doors 2:00pm / Start 3:00pm


Reserved seat SS ¥19,800 (Tax included)
With Special Goods(long towel and mini tote bag)・Front Seat Area
Please check the seat map for details.

Reserved seat S ¥12,800 (Tax included)

Reserved seat A ¥9,800 (Tax included)

VIP Seat ¥25,800 (Tax included, limited quantity available)
With Special Goods(long towel and mini tote bag)・Priority Entrance Access・ Welcome Drinks and Snacks.
VIP Special Seat Area.
Please check the seat map for details.

*Must purchase a ticket for age 3 or over. / *Up to 6 tickets per person.

General Purchase

Saturday, March 2nd, 2019 at 10AM in JST (UTC +09:00)

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